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Brooksville residents suffer without city mosquito control | News

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Brooksville residents suffer without city mosquito control

Brooksville, Florida -- "They're horrible. I can't even walk outside for one minute and their swarming around my face everywhere," says Robin Rogers about the recent mosquito problem she's been dealing with in her Brooksville back yard.

"I have a son who's 12 years old with Down Syndrome and he can't even go outside to play," says Rogers.

The problem for Rogers is so bad in her back yard, in the 15 minutes that 10 News was there, reporter Casey Cumley was bitten and swarmed by at least a dozen mosquitoes.

In 2013, Brooksville did not opt into the Municipal Taxing Service Unit (MTSU) which funds mosquito control services. Hernando County says it still provided services and billed the City of Brooksville over $15,000 and stopped services last month. The City says it's not obligated to pay.

"I don't think there's been any missed payments certainly because there was no agreement signed by the county. So there's a little bit of an issue on both sides of the fence and it's all just miscommunication," says Brooksville's Mayor Kevin Hohn.

A miscommunication that Robin Rogers wishes they would get worked out soon.

"I feel that they're wrong because our taxes pay for things like that and they should take care of it," says Rogers.

On Tuesday, there will be a presentation and discussion at the Hernando County Commission meeting, where board members are expected to vote for one of two options that would bring mosquito services back to Brooksville.

Option #1:

Remove the cap on the MSTU for Mosquito Control so the proper funding amount would come from the millage rate with no need to be subsidized by the General Fund. The City would have to reinstate their ordinance to opt into the MSTU. Failure to do so would mean no Mosquito Control service within the city limits.

Option #2:

Discontinue the MSTU for Mosquito Control or set the millage rate to zero. Fund Mosquito Control through the General Fund and increase the General Fund millage by at least the 0.1000 mill that was discontinued in the MSTU. There would be no need for the City to reinstate their ordinance or to sign an interlocal agreement. The City taxpayers will pay their share for Mosquito Control service through this increase in the General Fund millage.


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